Monday, February 23, 2009

An Introduction.

Welcome to Styling Cars. There are a lot of sites out there, devoted to cars of all types, classic muscle cars, exotics, million dollar supercars…well this one ain’t one of them.

Nope this is the design site that’s devoted to the design of cars we average folk drive or have owned.

Don’t misunderstand we’ll do a thorough once over of many great, famous and swoopy high priced cars, just not the usual ones you see repeatedly covered and written about on line.

So just what will we cover? Our focus will be the design of the average and not so average car, not so much on engines and mechanics. We won’t gloss over the nuts and bolts but it won’t be what this site is about. What then is this about and what cars will we review and investigate? Well, that might be your ’84 Fiero, it may be you old ’78 Cordoba. If you remember the AMC Gremlin and ever wondered just who designed that funny looking thing and what drug he was on when he did? We’ll find out here. Want to know the real reasons why the ’70 Rivera got that weird boat tail rear end? We’ll dredge up original design sketches and photos of everyday cars that most have forgotten. Interview and talk to those who put pen to paper, and what the influences for cars like that came to be.

We’ll be taking stock of at the oddball ones, great failures (yes we will cover the design and conception of the Vega & Pinto too). Great everyday machines that looked good, got us back and forth to work/school every day, back in the day, that never got their due.

Once we get up to speed, we’ll be open to taking requests from readers to cover their car or a car they’d like to see reviewed.

Next post we’ll start from the bottom so to speak, one of the biggest known failures of the last 30 years from the General (not including the possible impending bankruptcy failure they may become) the Vega!

Say what you will about it, it wasn’t a bad looking car, and the design influences that shaped it are quite unique.

Till next time.

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